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Blown Away With Kickboxing in Pretoria

Kickboxing in Pretoria sounds like fun, hard work and rather daunting. Don’t be put off: Fighting Fit Gym offers many disciplines and different classes to choose from but whichever kickboxing class you decide on, will blow you away!

Learning a new skill, improving your cardio-vascular health and enjoyment are all rolled into your kickboxing class. Different strengths and interests are catered for with classes from beginner to advanced levels. The cardio kickboxing classes are great fun with the emphasis being on building stamina and fitness levels.

Correct technique is always significant as it promotes focus on style and safe performance. It is an intense form of exercise and you will be sure to burn calories and lose weight. Firming and toning of muscles along with challenging your body in ways it is not accustomed to are all part of the workout.

Pretoria Kickboxing

Kickboxing is appropriate for all ages from kiddies to the elderly. A bonus is that self defence principles are a component of kickboxing which can have an influence on your confidence and self-esteem.

If your interests lean towards competition and sparing, professional trainers with international experience are well equipped to guide you along this path. Again, according to which level you wish to pursue. Training includes strength and endurance training and sparing. You can even try out for the team which competes at tournaments. The benefits of kickboxing include building up a core and overall body strength. Balance, fitness and resilience is built up as you continue with your training.

Why Kickboxing in Pretoria?

There is an understanding that martial arts and mindfulness are complementary. This translates to improving one’s awareness, attention and alertness. Discipline, control, and quietness of mind are elements that come into play as well. It is important to find the right instructor and the right class for you to ensure that you grow achieve your goals.

Yes, the idea of kickboxing can be quite intimidating, but remember that you are not obliged to attempt anything that you are not yet comfortable to try. You will eventually build yourself up to be ready to tackle that aspect. Best of all, it is a marvellous stress reliever so be prepared to be blown away by kickboxing in Pretoria at Fighting Fit Gym.

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