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Can A Kid Do Kickboxing?

Children are often fascinated by kickboxing, and signing them up for kickboxing classes in Pretoria offers many benefits. They are getting exercise, self-defence training, and a valuable and exciting new set of skills, while you get a few hours off to relax.

When choosing a martial arts discipline for your child, you want to find something that complements their natural abilities. Kickboxing provides a well-rounded form of exercise and discipline that is kid-friendly.

Your child will benefit from kickboxing

Any martial art teaches the values of patience, perseverance, control and respect for others, and kickboxing is no different. When learning kickboxing, your child will grow emotionally, mentally and socially, as well as physically. Many children experience a boost in confidence and self-worth. They learn skills that prepare them for life, while still being offered an exciting, stimulating and friendly environment in which to learn. Self-defence is also a valuable skill for youngsters to have, and may give parents a little peace of mind.


In Pretoria, kickboxing is child-friendly

Sport and exercise are important for growing young bodies, and a martial art like kickboxing offers all the exercise a child needs. Kickboxing is great for cardio, as well as developing important physical skills such as muscle control, balance, coordination and strength. Because it encompasses techniques using both hands and feet, kickboxing will help develop and define muscles throughout the body.

If your child dislikes highly competitive or team sports, kickboxing may suit them better. While the martial art provides the opportunity to test and grade one’s skills, and thus acquire colour belts, as well as attend competitions and performances, a person can choose to enjoy kickboxing without any of that.

Fighting Fit Gym in Moreleta Park, Pretoria East, offers a kiddies’ kickboxing class on Mondays to Thursdays after school hours. Fighting Fit Gym is changing the way children experience and come to enjoy exercise by packaging it with a martial art, and they are loving it. Sign your child up for kickboxing today, or save by signing-up for the family package so that everyone can enjoy some martial art exercise.

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