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Family Kickboxing In Pretoria

Kickboxing in Pretoria can be fun for the whole family.  When you are thinking of some activity that the whole family can do, you may not think of kickboxing.  Once you have tried it, however, you will see what a good option it is to get everyone moving.  

It is very difficult to sustain exercise when it is not engaging, fun, challenging and interesting.  When exercise is a chore, and you feel you “have to” do it, it is hard to stay motivated and keep at it. When you find something that is a pleasure to do and something you look forward to, you are well on your way to making exercise part of how you live.  That is where Fighting Fit Gym can help.

Is kickboxing for children?

There are a number of reasons why kickboxing in Pretoria is an excellent activity for children.   Children build strength by kickboxing and they also get fit due to its cardio nature.  Their core strength is increased, as well as balance and coordination.  It builds self-discipline, a life-skill that will stand them in good stead, and it helps them gain self-confidence.  The instructors at Fighting Fit Gym love working with children.  They have the experience and expertise to keep them engaged and to get them moving.  

In Pretoria kickboxing is for the whole family

There are not many disciplines where the whole family can participate.  Fathers are not invited to dance with their precious girl when they take them to their ballet class.  Mothers are not asked to bowl a few balls at cricket practice.  With Fighting Fit Gym, there is a class suitable for each member of the family.  Junior Kickboxing classes take place in the afternoons, Monday to Thursday.  There are a number of classes for adults and training is provided to all levels, from beginner to advanced.  The classes are fun and stimulating and are focused on endurance and fitness.  On average 500 calories can be burned in a single class.  There is no sparring or fighting in the classes so it is enjoyable for everyone.  If you want your family to be healthy and moving, come to Fighting Fit Gym for kickboxing in Pretoria.

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