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Is Kickboxing for Kids?

Parents have found that kickboxing in Pretoria East is an effective tool to get kids up and exercising. Many children have succumbed to the lure of video games and Facebook chatting or texting with friends. Their hands are not exactly idle, but their bodies are and for some, it is beginning to show!

This is a relatively recent problem for parents. Children are natural exercisers. They want to run, play, kick and hit balls and ride bikes because it is freeing and fun. Until recently, those were outside activities and inside activities were reading and chores.  No contest. Now they push buttons while their overall health suffers.

A New Approach to Family Fun


Instead of board games and movies on family night, bring the family to kickboxing in Pretoria East at Fighting Fit Gym. This kind of family activity is loaded with benefits for the whole family on several levels. First, it is fun. As your family learns the techniques together, there will be a lot of laughter. While that is happening, everyone will be getting a serious cardio work out. You will be replacing fat with muscle and your bodies will develop an agility that helps to resist injuries. You may develop a little friendly competition but everyone progresses at their own pace.

As a family learning together, you will be engaged in supporting each other’s efforts and accomplishments. It is like teambuilding only everybody is related. Family, after all, is the most important South African team of which any of you will ever be part.

Learn Kickboxing in Pretoria East For Self-Defence


Kickboxing as a family helps everyone in the family focus on healthy eating and exercise for improved fitness. Families can bond as they laugh and learn together. Everyone improves his or her self-discipline, which is critical to success in every area of life. Each family member will experience a boost in self-confidence as he or she masters new skills. Self-confidence, like self-discipline, is another key to a successful life.

As you master the art of kickboxing, you will be learning self-defence.  Being able to take responsibility for personal safety lessens the chances your family will fall victim to harm from others.  South African families committed to kickboxing walk a little taller, especially the kids.

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