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Kickboxing Is The Fun Way To Get Fit!

If you have tried kickboxing in Pretoria East, you know that it can be fun getting fit.  If you haven’t, you may think that getting fit is a chore.  When you think of going to the gym, what feelings come up for you?  Do you think, “Yay, I can’t wait?” Or do you think, “Do I have to?” If your answer is the latter, you should consider a new form of exercise for you.  

The body loves to move.  It is designed to move.  If you aren’t feeling it, you need to try something else.

Why choose kickboxing in Pretoria East?

Kickboxing in Pretoria East builds overall body strength, core strength and balance.  Fighting Fit Gym offers many classes, including cardio kick boxing and kick boxing proper.  Cardio kick boxing focuses mainly on endurance and fitness.  It is great fun and does not include sparring or fighting.  It is a low-impact sport and is suitable for all ages.  In cardio kickboxing you get to take out all your frustrations on your imaginary opponent.  It is wonderful for stress release as you imagine flattening all of those that have put a damper on your day.  You get to burn calories and target the arms, abs, shoulders, thighs and butt.  And in the end, no-one gets hurt.  Instead you get fit, and you build the body you want.  

If you are looking for a competitive version, the kickboxing classes are for you.  The instructors for these classes are all ex-South African champions.  They can provide you with focused training to improve your technique, strength and endurance.  If this is where your interest lies, you can also attend trials and tournaments to compete.

In Pretoria East, kickboxing is fun at Fighting Fit Gym
Fighting Fit Gym has world class instructors.  They offer a diversity of styles and a high quality of fitness.  They provide a unique blend of martial arts, functional fitness, and everyday health and fitness.  There is something for everyone at Fighting Fit Gym.  If you are looking for a community centred gym that will be your “home from home”, contact Fighting Fit Gym for kickboxing in Pretoria East.

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