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Should We Teach Girls To Fight?

Kickboxing and martial arts in general is often seen as a masculine sport, but recently there has been a dominating female presence in tournaments and training centers countrywide. Girls of all ages are taking the martial arts scene by storm, and giving as good as they get!

Should your daughter be joining a martial arts class, you wonder? There are so many reasons why the answer should be yes. Firstly, martial arts develops confidence and strength of character, something every young child will benefit from. Secondly, it provides physical exercise that tones and strengthens the body. Even more, a martial arts practice teaches valuable self-defense skills, something that any young woman in South Africa should have in her arsenal.

Kickboxing IS for girls!

For girls in South Africa, kickboxing has proven to be an invaluable practice. Many girls opt for the competitive scene where they are graded and rise through the ranks through tournaments and competitions, but many others choose to focus on the physical training aspects to develop their personal fitness. Fighting Fit Gym in Pretoria caters for both, providing as much guidance and support is needed. Their kiddies kickboxing class is held after school every Monday to Thursday. With young, enthusiastic and friendly gym instructors, these classes are thoroughly enjoyable for all children.

Girls’ kickboxing in South Africa

The physical benefits of kickboxing in South Africa are also well-suited for girls who don’t want to build bulk and muscle. Because martial arts focuses on technique rather than brute strength, kickboxing is complementary for small or lithe girls. Core strength, muscle control and coordination, and cardio are improved, resulting in a general strength increase without bulking. Whether your daughter is a tomboy or your precious princess, they can benefit from and enjoy kickboxing classes at Fighting Fit Gym.

Kickboxing For Self Defence

Kickboxing is often practiced as a means of building core strength, endurance and technique.  If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation, however, the moves that you learn in kickboxing could disable your attacker.  Your speed and agility could give you the edge you need. Your training in kicks and punches may catch your attacker by surprise.

At Fighting Fit Gym kickboxing is taught by ex-South African Champions.  It includes light to heavy sparring so you will have had practice in physical combat. Self defence principles are an inherent component of the practice.  When choosing a victim a criminal would do well to rather choose someone without kickboxing training.

What else could be used for self defence?

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world,  you could find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time and your physical safety could be threatened.  Self defence training will give you skills you can use to protect yourself, and hopefully avoid injury.

Fighting Fit Gym has a number of classes and practices that would teach you good self defence skills.  The self defence class is completely focused on this.  It is intended to train you and your family to increase your chances of surviving an attack.  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art whose focus is to teach a smaller person how to defend himself or herself from a larger adversary.  This is done through technique and by using leverage.  These classes at Fighting Fit Gym will also build strength.  MMA is a combination of a number of fighting styles. It is designed to build mental and physical endurance to see you through a fight.  It would provide you with advanced self defence skills.

Is it all about self defence?

At the heart of classes and programme at Fighting Fit Gym is a love of feeling powerful in your body, building strength and being healthy.  The classes will provide you with self defence skills, which you will hopefully never have to use.  What they will provide you with, which you will use every day however, is vitality, energy, and endurance.  Call the Fighting Fit Gym today to book your first class.

Why Kickboxing Is Good For Your Kid

Children’s kickboxing in South Africa is a great investment in your kid’s future. There are numerous benefits to learning a martial art at a young age. Not only does it provide a worthwhile physical activity to occupy young bodies and minds in the afternoons, it also teaches valuable life skills, from perseverance and dedication to self-defence.

There are plenty martial arts disciplines to choose from, each with their own specialised techniques and benefits. For an all-round martial art that develops a comprehensive range of physical strengths and skills, kickboxing is a good choice.

Kickboxing for your child

Children’s kickboxing classes are available every Monday to Thursday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Fighting Fit Gym. These classes are designed to keep young kids active and enthusiastic about exercise, with friendly young trainers who are passionate about their work. Kiddies kickboxing develops physical skills such as strength, cardio fitness, core strength, balance and coordination. On top of that, it also helps with self-confidence, discipline and real-world skills that can be used throughout their life. An understanding of self-defence is provided as well, which gives many parents some relief when thinking about current crime statistics in South Africa.

In South African,  children’s kickboxing is taking off

There is also an optional competitive component to children’s kickboxing. Fighting Fit Gym offers grading for kickboxers who want to rise through the ranks. Through the gym as well as national martial arts confederations, children have the opportunity to spar and compete against others. Kids who don’t wish to compete are under no pressure to do so, and can enjoy their kickboxing classes without any competitive features. Contact Fighting Fit Gym to find out more or to enrol your child in a children’s kickboxing class. There are adult classes as well for parents who want to share in the experience.

The One Kickboxing Move Everyone Should Know

Kickboxing is a great form of exercise.  It is fun to do and can be practiced by anyone.  There is no chance of injury through hitting or being hit, but you get to take out your frustration and stress on an imaginary enemy.  Classes are focused mainly on fitness and endurance, but proper technique is important.  The instructors at Fighting Fit Gym will teach you how kickboxing should be done, and give you an excellent work out at the same time.  You will burn calories and core strength.  You will tone and improve your balance.

So what is the move you should know?

Kickboxing is based on a combination of a number of combat sports.  These include Karate, Muay Thai, Khmer Boxing and Western Boxing.  It involves punching and kicking and is generally practiced for self-defense and fitness, although some do practice it as a combat sport.

When you learn any fighting discipline, in the beginning there is much to focus on and learn.  The position and use of the feet is important.  You need to perfect your stance and learn how to shadow box.  Getting the basics right is important so that you do not develop bad habits.  The move that you should know is possibly not what you would expect, and that is learning to relax and to breathe.   When you are relaxed your movements will flow better and your muscles will not tire as easily as they are not all tensed up.  You will have more power and more speed.  When you breathe properly and easily, you will have more energy.  The more you hold your breath, the less energy you will have and you will tire quickly.

Why not try kickboxing for yourself?

Kickboxing is a fun way to get fit and build strength.  Classes are always varied and you will never be bored.  The more you practice the stronger you will become. Kickboxing classes are held every morning and evening, Monday to Friday.  Come along to Fighting Fit Gym and try a class for yourself.

I’m Retired — Can I Learn Kickboxing?

It is never too late for an old dog to learn new tricks. Kickboxing is not just a flashy trick, however. It has a number of benefits, including self-defense skills as well as being a form of exercise. If you’re retired, you are most likely wary of heavy-duty exercise that may put too much strain on your muscles. That is why kickboxing is an ideal solution for the retired individual. Fighting Fit Gym in Pretoria offers fitness training through martial arts instruction. You can find a range of options to suit your physical limits.

Why should I choose kickboxing?

Firstly, kickboxing is great for cardio. For every hour of training, an average of 500 calories are burned. Each workout will target your arms, shoulders, abs, thighs and buttocks and focus on improving core strength and balance. Kickboxing is a low impact sport, making it suitable for all ages and levels of health and fitness. If you are concerned about the ‘fighting’ aspect of kickboxing, rest assured that sparring and competitions are completely optional at Fighting Fit Gym. You will, however, have the opportunity to compete and grade up to a national level if you wish.

Choose Fighting Fit Gym for all-round practicality

Did you know that retired folk are often at higher risk of robberies and burglaries? One security measure to take is to learn a self-defense skill such as kickboxing. The goal of martial arts self-defense is to avoid a conflict, which means that even if you are unable to match your opponent in strength or physique, you would be able to anticipate your attacker’s moves and ideally avoid being harmed. If you are living alone, self-defense is even more valuable.

No matter what you wish to gain from kickboxing, whether it is an increased sense of security or simply a healthier, fitter body, Fighting Fit Gym in Moreleta Park is able to provide the solution. They offer a range of classes from beginner to advanced levels, and can work out a training schedule that suits your individual needs and capabilities. Even if you’re retired, you can still learn this useful skill.

Can A Kid Do Kickboxing?

Children are often fascinated by kickboxing, and signing them up for kickboxing classes in Pretoria offers many benefits. They are getting exercise, self-defence training, and a valuable and exciting new set of skills, while you get a few hours off to relax.

When choosing a martial arts discipline for your child, you want to find something that complements their natural abilities. Kickboxing provides a well-rounded form of exercise and discipline that is kid-friendly.

Your child will benefit from kickboxing

Any martial art teaches the values of patience, perseverance, control and respect for others, and kickboxing is no different. When learning kickboxing, your child will grow emotionally, mentally and socially, as well as physically. Many children experience a boost in confidence and self-worth. They learn skills that prepare them for life, while still being offered an exciting, stimulating and friendly environment in which to learn. Self-defence is also a valuable skill for youngsters to have, and may give parents a little peace of mind.


In Pretoria, kickboxing is child-friendly

Sport and exercise are important for growing young bodies, and a martial art like kickboxing offers all the exercise a child needs. Kickboxing is great for cardio, as well as developing important physical skills such as muscle control, balance, coordination and strength. Because it encompasses techniques using both hands and feet, kickboxing will help develop and define muscles throughout the body.

If your child dislikes highly competitive or team sports, kickboxing may suit them better. While the martial art provides the opportunity to test and grade one’s skills, and thus acquire colour belts, as well as attend competitions and performances, a person can choose to enjoy kickboxing without any of that.

Fighting Fit Gym in Moreleta Park, Pretoria East, offers a kiddies’ kickboxing class on Mondays to Thursdays after school hours. Fighting Fit Gym is changing the way children experience and come to enjoy exercise by packaging it with a martial art, and they are loving it. Sign your child up for kickboxing today, or save by signing-up for the family package so that everyone can enjoy some martial art exercise.

Why Is Kickboxing Good For Cardio?

If you’re interested in kickboxing in Pretoria East, visit Fighting Fit Gym. As the only gym in Pretoria East that offers fitness training through martial arts instruction with so much variety, if you want to get fit while learning a valuable skill, Fighting Fit Gym is for you.

Combining martial arts with fitness training offers invaluable experience, as well practical skills in self-defense and the opportunity to participate in martial arts tournaments and gradings. So whether you’re just interested in a healthier, fitter body or want to become a qualified black belt, you will fit right in and enjoy the experience.

Kickboxing is for everyone

Although kickboxing may seem like a discipline reserved for grand masters of martial arts, those grand masters also had to start somewhere. Fighting Fit Gym offers cardio kickboxing classes from beginner level through to advanced.

Even if you feel you could never lift your leg higher than your waist, you will enjoy these classes and gradually gain the fitness and skill to kick over a fully grown man’s head. The instructors at Fighting Fitness Gym will work out a session that focusses mostly on fitness and endurance to begin with, and add strength and technique exercises as you progress.

Train with kickboxing masters in Pretoria

Fighting Fit Gym’s instructors are highly skilled and qualified and can impart world-class training and guidance. Their kickboxing exercise classes is designed to improve cardio and physical health through an enjoyable kickboxing experience. For every hour of training, an average of 500 calories are burned. Each workout will target your arms, shoulders, abs, thighs and buttocks and focus on improving core strength and balance. As it a low impact sport, it is suitable for all ages and levels of health and fitness. Fighting and sparring is not necessary and is a fantastic stress relief. If you want to find out more about kickboxing in Pretoria East, visit Fighting Fit Gym.

Kickboxing Is The Fun Way To Get Fit!

If you have tried kickboxing in Pretoria East, you know that it can be fun getting fit.  If you haven’t, you may think that getting fit is a chore.  When you think of going to the gym, what feelings come up for you?  Do you think, “Yay, I can’t wait?” Or do you think, “Do I have to?” If your answer is the latter, you should consider a new form of exercise for you.  

The body loves to move.  It is designed to move.  If you aren’t feeling it, you need to try something else.

Why choose kickboxing in Pretoria East?

Kickboxing in Pretoria East builds overall body strength, core strength and balance.  Fighting Fit Gym offers many classes, including cardio kick boxing and kick boxing proper.  Cardio kick boxing focuses mainly on endurance and fitness.  It is great fun and does not include sparring or fighting.  It is a low-impact sport and is suitable for all ages.  In cardio kickboxing you get to take out all your frustrations on your imaginary opponent.  It is wonderful for stress release as you imagine flattening all of those that have put a damper on your day.  You get to burn calories and target the arms, abs, shoulders, thighs and butt.  And in the end, no-one gets hurt.  Instead you get fit, and you build the body you want.  

If you are looking for a competitive version, the kickboxing classes are for you.  The instructors for these classes are all ex-South African champions.  They can provide you with focused training to improve your technique, strength and endurance.  If this is where your interest lies, you can also attend trials and tournaments to compete.

In Pretoria East, kickboxing is fun at Fighting Fit Gym
Fighting Fit Gym has world class instructors.  They offer a diversity of styles and a high quality of fitness.  They provide a unique blend of martial arts, functional fitness, and everyday health and fitness.  There is something for everyone at Fighting Fit Gym.  If you are looking for a community centred gym that will be your “home from home”, contact Fighting Fit Gym for kickboxing in Pretoria East.

Is Kickboxing for Kids?

Parents have found that kickboxing in Pretoria East is an effective tool to get kids up and exercising. Many children have succumbed to the lure of video games and Facebook chatting or texting with friends. Their hands are not exactly idle, but their bodies are and for some, it is beginning to show!

This is a relatively recent problem for parents. Children are natural exercisers. They want to run, play, kick and hit balls and ride bikes because it is freeing and fun. Until recently, those were outside activities and inside activities were reading and chores.  No contest. Now they push buttons while their overall health suffers.

A New Approach to Family Fun


Instead of board games and movies on family night, bring the family to kickboxing in Pretoria East at Fighting Fit Gym. This kind of family activity is loaded with benefits for the whole family on several levels. First, it is fun. As your family learns the techniques together, there will be a lot of laughter. While that is happening, everyone will be getting a serious cardio work out. You will be replacing fat with muscle and your bodies will develop an agility that helps to resist injuries. You may develop a little friendly competition but everyone progresses at their own pace.

As a family learning together, you will be engaged in supporting each other’s efforts and accomplishments. It is like teambuilding only everybody is related. Family, after all, is the most important South African team of which any of you will ever be part.

Learn Kickboxing in Pretoria East For Self-Defence


Kickboxing as a family helps everyone in the family focus on healthy eating and exercise for improved fitness. Families can bond as they laugh and learn together. Everyone improves his or her self-discipline, which is critical to success in every area of life. Each family member will experience a boost in self-confidence as he or she masters new skills. Self-confidence, like self-discipline, is another key to a successful life.

As you master the art of kickboxing, you will be learning self-defence.  Being able to take responsibility for personal safety lessens the chances your family will fall victim to harm from others.  South African families committed to kickboxing walk a little taller, especially the kids.

Family Kickboxing In Pretoria

Kickboxing in Pretoria can be fun for the whole family.  When you are thinking of some activity that the whole family can do, you may not think of kickboxing.  Once you have tried it, however, you will see what a good option it is to get everyone moving.  

It is very difficult to sustain exercise when it is not engaging, fun, challenging and interesting.  When exercise is a chore, and you feel you “have to” do it, it is hard to stay motivated and keep at it. When you find something that is a pleasure to do and something you look forward to, you are well on your way to making exercise part of how you live.  That is where Fighting Fit Gym can help.

Is kickboxing for children?

There are a number of reasons why kickboxing in Pretoria is an excellent activity for children.   Children build strength by kickboxing and they also get fit due to its cardio nature.  Their core strength is increased, as well as balance and coordination.  It builds self-discipline, a life-skill that will stand them in good stead, and it helps them gain self-confidence.  The instructors at Fighting Fit Gym love working with children.  They have the experience and expertise to keep them engaged and to get them moving.  

In Pretoria kickboxing is for the whole family

There are not many disciplines where the whole family can participate.  Fathers are not invited to dance with their precious girl when they take them to their ballet class.  Mothers are not asked to bowl a few balls at cricket practice.  With Fighting Fit Gym, there is a class suitable for each member of the family.  Junior Kickboxing classes take place in the afternoons, Monday to Thursday.  There are a number of classes for adults and training is provided to all levels, from beginner to advanced.  The classes are fun and stimulating and are focused on endurance and fitness.  On average 500 calories can be burned in a single class.  There is no sparring or fighting in the classes so it is enjoyable for everyone.  If you want your family to be healthy and moving, come to Fighting Fit Gym for kickboxing in Pretoria.