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Seriously, Kickboxing?

Seriously, kickboxing in Pretoria? What is it, and more importantly, who is it for?

What happens when your friend, let’s call her Vanessa, hits an all time low. Ever since her former boyfriend had moved on to, what he felt, were greener pastures she had drowned her sorrows in ‘too much’. Too much crying, too much eating, too much self-pity and too much lying on the couch watching TV; it was just too much for friends to put up with.

Deciding exercise was the answer, and surfing along the internet waves you find it: kickboxing in Pretoria! Reading their website, you see that Fighting Fit Gym offers many disciplines to choose from. Their trainers are all top class and professional in their fields… but it is the idea of cardio kickboxing that does it. With the instructors all being ex-South African champs you, know you’ll be in good hands. You sign up for both of you.

What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is an awesome combination of karate-type kicks and boxing punches giving upper and lower body a workout to remember long after the class ends. Just what was needed to clear Vanessa’s mind of ex-woes! Core strength, stamina, balance, stretching and toning of the muscles are all areas worked on. Newbies (like Vanessa and you) start with the beginner’s class but soon move up the ranks to the advanced level.

Worth the Pain

The benefits of kickboxing are soon clear to see: arms, abs, shoulders, thighs and butts are all under attack in the same workout. And, wow, after 3 months the lean clean lines will begin to show. The weight drops off and the dress sizes climb downwards. What was one to expect burning 500 calories an hour?

As fitness and endurance levels increase amazingly you’ll notice that you’ll sleep like a baby and awake fresh and rested. Your fiend Vanessa might be a little preoccupied at night time – practising her side, front and roundhouse kicks combined with a couple of jabs and hook punches in her dreams. Two guesses who she was teaching a lesson!

One of the biggest changes could be how Vanessa has just blossomed. Besides looking drop-dead gorgeous, her stress and anxiety seems to have melted away as her confidence soars. As they say: nothing is as attractive as confidence and a smile. Vanessa’s having fun, meeting new people and it’s a joy to have your old friend back again.

Why not take the first step to changing your life – physically, emotionally and socially? Contact Fighting Fit Gym to find out what kickboxing in Pretoria can do for you. You will be amongst caring, helpful and motivate people who want to help you to succeed.

Yes, seriously, try kickboxing in Pretoria!

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