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Should We Teach Girls To Fight?

Kickboxing and martial arts in general is often seen as a masculine sport, but recently there has been a dominating female presence in tournaments and training centers countrywide. Girls of all ages are taking the martial arts scene by storm, and giving as good as they get!

Should your daughter be joining a martial arts class, you wonder? There are so many reasons why the answer should be yes. Firstly, martial arts develops confidence and strength of character, something every young child will benefit from. Secondly, it provides physical exercise that tones and strengthens the body. Even more, a martial arts practice teaches valuable self-defense skills, something that any young woman in South Africa should have in her arsenal.

Kickboxing IS for girls!

For girls in South Africa, kickboxing has proven to be an invaluable practice. Many girls opt for the competitive scene where they are graded and rise through the ranks through tournaments and competitions, but many others choose to focus on the physical training aspects to develop their personal fitness. Fighting Fit Gym in Pretoria caters for both, providing as much guidance and support is needed. Their kiddies kickboxing class is held after school every Monday to Thursday. With young, enthusiastic and friendly gym instructors, these classes are thoroughly enjoyable for all children.

Girls’ kickboxing in South Africa

The physical benefits of kickboxing in South Africa are also well-suited for girls who don’t want to build bulk and muscle. Because martial arts focuses on technique rather than brute strength, kickboxing is complementary for small or lithe girls. Core strength, muscle control and coordination, and cardio are improved, resulting in a general strength increase without bulking. Whether your daughter is a tomboy or your precious princess, they can benefit from and enjoy kickboxing classes at Fighting Fit Gym.

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