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The One Kickboxing Move Everyone Should Know

Kickboxing is a great form of exercise.  It is fun to do and can be practiced by anyone.  There is no chance of injury through hitting or being hit, but you get to take out your frustration and stress on an imaginary enemy.  Classes are focused mainly on fitness and endurance, but proper technique is important.  The instructors at Fighting Fit Gym will teach you how kickboxing should be done, and give you an excellent work out at the same time.  You will burn calories and core strength.  You will tone and improve your balance.

So what is the move you should know?

Kickboxing is based on a combination of a number of combat sports.  These include Karate, Muay Thai, Khmer Boxing and Western Boxing.  It involves punching and kicking and is generally practiced for self-defense and fitness, although some do practice it as a combat sport.

When you learn any fighting discipline, in the beginning there is much to focus on and learn.  The position and use of the feet is important.  You need to perfect your stance and learn how to shadow box.  Getting the basics right is important so that you do not develop bad habits.  The move that you should know is possibly not what you would expect, and that is learning to relax and to breathe.   When you are relaxed your movements will flow better and your muscles will not tire as easily as they are not all tensed up.  You will have more power and more speed.  When you breathe properly and easily, you will have more energy.  The more you hold your breath, the less energy you will have and you will tire quickly.

Why not try kickboxing for yourself?

Kickboxing is a fun way to get fit and build strength.  Classes are always varied and you will never be bored.  The more you practice the stronger you will become. Kickboxing classes are held every morning and evening, Monday to Friday.  Come along to Fighting Fit Gym and try a class for yourself.

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