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Try Kickboxing This Year and Never Look Back!

Have you rolled out your list of resolutions for the New Year? Topping your list for 2016 should be to try kickboxing! In Pretoria, it is the perfect way to stay fit and healthy, meet great people, relieve stress and have a blast while learning and perfecting your newly acquired skills.

The hustle and bustle of city life can easily catch up with you, distracting you from the necessity of taking proper care of your health and undertaking regular exercise. Besides this, you might find yourself wondering how to deal with the aftermath of being too jolly while celebrating the festive season.  Does this sound all too familiar?

Why Choose Kickboxing in Pretoria?

Kickboxing in Pretoria is an innovative way of incorporating newly learned skills, strength, agility, cardiovascular exercise, and fun all rolled into one package.  Training and instruction in many varied disciplines is available at Fighting Fit Gym – visit us online for all the classes and programmes we offer. At Fighting Fit Gym, kickboxing in Pretoria can be undertaken at different levels.

  1. Cardio-Kickboxing

These classes vary from beginner to advanced levels with the emphasis being on a good workout. Endurance, strength, building fitness levels and introducing technique is incorporated into the training sessions along with an element of enjoyment and achievement.

The benefits of taking this class are that you target working on your butt, arms, legs, shoulders and thighs all at the same time! It is wonderful fun suitable for all age groups while being a great stress reliever and energy burner. What better way to alleviate your stress levels after work but to imagine kicking and punching your frustrations out of the office nemesis?

  1. Sparring

Sparring classes allow you to compete at various levels of competition from light to heavy weight fighting. Although an element of self defence is incorporated, training is centred on technique and building strength and endurance.

Overall body strength, centred training and competition training is available from our qualified team who are ex- South African champions and international competitors. You will be in a privileged position to further your sporting dreams by training in kickboxing in Pretoria with our enthusiastic training personnel.

  1. Kiddies Kickboxing

Wanting to boost little Sally’s confidence so she can stand up to the mean kids at school? Enrol her in our kickboxing classes for youngsters aged 3-11 years which are held in the afternoons by qualified and enthusiastic trainers.  Their passion to build fitness, balance, core strength, co-ordination and discipline in young people is well recognised and the benefits will soon be evident in all aspects of your children’s lives.

Kickboxing is one of the disciplines required in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), the others being Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling and Jiu Jitsu. These fighting styles are available at Fighting Fit Gym, located at Moreleta Park in East Pretoria. Contacted us by email at, call or visit and they we’ll be delighted to be of service and to help you kick start 2016 on the right note.

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