Boxing | Fighting Fit Gym


Boxing is an amzing training system, the fact that it also teaches you self defense is a big bonus. Your lower-back and ab muscles provide power for your punches by initiating an explosive hip turn, and your arms and shoulders bear most of the brunt of the muscle recruitment required for striking. With a consistent boxing regimen, it’s possible to add significant definition to these muscles—and even mass, depending on your genetic makeup—without touching a barbell or dumbbell. Best of all, assuming you’re reinforcing proper fight techniques, you’re improving and refining a skill that transcends fitness on multiple levels.

Boxing benefits

  • Develop self-defense skills
  • Help with weight loss
  • Build a stronger heart
  • Build strong bones and muscles
  • Help to relieve stress
  • Strength and endurance gain – No strain of weights but all the benefits (Strength & endurance are natural by-products of boxing training)
  • Low impact on joints but high intensity
  • Cardiovascular improvement in less amount of time than many other regimes
  • High energy and calorie expenditure in shorter amount of time
  • Provides variety in your exercise regime
  • Time effective way to train
  • Empowering and boosts self confidence
  • Challenging as each class is different
  • Requires focus and thinking
  • Great for the mind especially as we get older