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Why Is Kickboxing Good For Cardio?

If you’re interested in kickboxing in Pretoria East, visit Fighting Fit Gym. As the only gym in Pretoria East that offers fitness training through martial arts instruction with so much variety, if you want to get fit while learning a valuable skill, Fighting Fit Gym is for you.

Combining martial arts with fitness training offers invaluable experience, as well practical skills in self-defense and the opportunity to participate in martial arts tournaments and gradings. So whether you’re just interested in a healthier, fitter body or want to become a qualified black belt, you will fit right in and enjoy the experience.

Kickboxing is for everyone

Although kickboxing may seem like a discipline reserved for grand masters of martial arts, those grand masters also had to start somewhere. Fighting Fit Gym offers cardio kickboxing classes from beginner level through to advanced.

Even if you feel you could never lift your leg higher than your waist, you will enjoy these classes and gradually gain the fitness and skill to kick over a fully grown man’s head. The instructors at Fighting Fitness Gym will work out a session that focusses mostly on fitness and endurance to begin with, and add strength and technique exercises as you progress.

Train with kickboxing masters in Pretoria

Fighting Fit Gym’s instructors are highly skilled and qualified and can impart world-class training and guidance. Their kickboxing exercise classes is designed to improve cardio and physical health through an enjoyable kickboxing experience. For every hour of training, an average of 500 calories are burned. Each workout will target your arms, shoulders, abs, thighs and buttocks and focus on improving core strength and balance. As it a low impact sport, it is suitable for all ages and levels of health and fitness. Fighting and sparring is not necessary and is a fantastic stress relief. If you want to find out more about kickboxing in Pretoria East, visit Fighting Fit Gym.

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