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Why Kickboxing Is Good For Your Kid

Children’s kickboxing in South Africa is a great investment in your kid’s future. There are numerous benefits to learning a martial art at a young age. Not only does it provide a worthwhile physical activity to occupy young bodies and minds in the afternoons, it also teaches valuable life skills, from perseverance and dedication to self-defence.

There are plenty martial arts disciplines to choose from, each with their own specialised techniques and benefits. For an all-round martial art that develops a comprehensive range of physical strengths and skills, kickboxing is a good choice.

Kickboxing for your child

Children’s kickboxing classes are available every Monday to Thursday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Fighting Fit Gym. These classes are designed to keep young kids active and enthusiastic about exercise, with friendly young trainers who are passionate about their work. Kiddies kickboxing develops physical skills such as strength, cardio fitness, core strength, balance and coordination. On top of that, it also helps with self-confidence, discipline and real-world skills that can be used throughout their life. An understanding of self-defence is provided as well, which gives many parents some relief when thinking about current crime statistics in South Africa.

In South African,  children’s kickboxing is taking off

There is also an optional competitive component to children’s kickboxing. Fighting Fit Gym offers grading for kickboxers who want to rise through the ranks. Through the gym as well as national martial arts confederations, children have the opportunity to spar and compete against others. Kids who don’t wish to compete are under no pressure to do so, and can enjoy their kickboxing classes without any competitive features. Contact Fighting Fit Gym to find out more or to enrol your child in a children’s kickboxing class. There are adult classes as well for parents who want to share in the experience.

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